Lauren Gladish

Document Type

Honors Project

First Advisor

Deborah Dunn-Frederick

Degree Award Date

Fall 2010


Performance Enhancing Aids, Perceived Exertion, Competition, Ergogenic aids, hydration, dietary supplements, increased macronutrient intake, sports drinks


Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition | Sports Sciences


An athlete's nutritional choices are important since it affects their performance in practice and competition. Research is continually retesting studies in order to incorporate recent findings and new products to provide current information to athletes. Ergogenic aids are commonly thought to improve performance, however the supported research and the perceptions athletes have may be different. Studies conducted in relation to hydration, dietary supplements, and increased macronutrient intake supply necessary, updated information for athlete's to utilize. In this study, a randomly generated list of approximately 100 athletes, both male and female, were selected and sent a food frequency questionnaire. This questionnaire contained questions regarding the use of specific performance-enhancing aids, the frequency of use, and the perceived effect on performance. The sample used of the population of athletes . at Bridgewater College consisted of 42% males and 58% females. Of all the performance-enhancing aids mentioned, sports drinks were the most commonly used among both endurance and strength athletes.