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This compiled manuscript details work by Church of the Brethren missionaries and relief workers in China from 1918 to 1951. Missionaries and relief workers include Ernest M. Wampler, nurse Elizabeth Baker Wampler, Dr. Frederick Jacob Wampler, Rebecca Skeggs Wampler, Nettie Mabelle Senger, and Howard E. Sollenberger.

Work chronicled here includes relief in a 1918 bubonic plague outbreak in the Shanxi province, care in the 1920 – 1921 Great Famine in Northern China, work with Chinese road builders, missionary Nettie Mabelle Senger’s wool cooperative, several of Howard Sollenberger’s projects, relief during the Sino-Japanese War, the 1942-43 Henan relief effort, and postwar Plowboy and Heifer relief programs. The manuscript is illustrated, including extensive photographs.


The compilers of this manuscript are the brothers Dr. E. Joseph Wampler and the late Dr. D. Eugene Wampler. Their parents were Brethren medical missionaries to China Ernest M. Wampler and nurse Elizabeth Baker Wampler. Along with their sister Sara Anna, Joe and Gene received part of their early education in China. They were in China when the Chinese Communists sent Westerners home in 1949 – 1950. Both brothers attended Bridgewater College.

Bridgewater College Special Collections holds papers and artifacts of the following people associated with this manuscript:

Ernest M. Wampler and Elizabeth Baker Wampler

Dr. Frederick J. Wampler and Rebecca Skeggs Wampler

Nettie Senger

Donald Eugene Wampler

Howard E. Sollenberger was a graduate of Manchester University. This manuscript is also posted on their archives’ website: