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Regional bird journal compiled by Bridgewater College (Bridgewater, Va.) students, 1918, 1947 - 1950. Handwritten by several compilers in a composition book. The first part of the book is an "Index of Birds identified in the spring of 1918. Course under Dr. Scott." The list was compiled by Charles S. Driver. Field notes are included.

The second section of the book is a list, "Birds observed in the vicinity of Bridgewater, Va. 1947 -48- 49. " Contributors are listed. They are mostly Bridgewater College students but include biology professor Harry G. M. “Doc” Jopson.

A final section in the journal is a list of birds seen on a "Virginia Society of Ornithology field trip, May 6, 1950". 65 people visited Silver Lake, Mossy Creek, and Hone Quarry Hollow in Rockingham County, Va.

Charles D. Driver Collection 1891 - 1920, In Memoriam.

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