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Spring 4-10-2014


Gas chromatography provides chemists with a powerful method of separating and quantitating chemicals in the gas phase. Our lab recently received two PerkinElmer Arnel AutoSystem XL Gas Chromatographs from MillerCoors Brewing Company, which were designed to sample gas directly from a pressurized source. One of the gas chromatographs (GC) uses a photoionization detector (PID), a flame ionization detector (FID) and an external sulfur chemiluminescence detector (SCD). This GC was modified so that samples could be introduced by means of a syringe and a split/split-less injector. The original gas lines were entirely reconfigured to enable dual detection using the PID and FID. Work is underway to employ the SCD for the detection of sulfur compounds using headspace sampling. The overall goal of this project was to configure a GC that would be useful to undergraduate laboratories.


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