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Fall 2001


My purpose is to share my experience with counting chromosomes in the plant kingdom. It is first structured to explain how the technique was done, and then there are a few pictures which might help the reader to understand how the equipment was used.

tech01.jpg (101 kB)
The stain is placed onto the slide.

tech02.jpg (115 kB)
Passing the slide over an alcohol flame.

tech03.jpg (61 kB)
Dissecting out the root tips.

tech04.jpg (94 kB)
Mayers albumen placed on the cover slip.

tech05.jpg (113 kB)
Cover slip with albumen passed over the alcohol lamp.

tech06.jpg (95 kB)
Place the cover slip over the stained root tips on the slide.

tech07.jpg (84 kB)
Squashing the tissue with your thumb.

tech08.jpg (108 kB)
Examining the material with a phase contrast microscope.

tech09.jpg (99 kB)
Slide and cover slip placed in a square Coplin jar of 10% acetic acid.

tech10.jpg (82 kB)
Cover slip and slide now separated

tech11.jpg (76 kB)
Removing the cover slip.

tech12.jpg (62 kB)
Passing the cover slip through five solutions.

tech13.jpg (90 kB)
Five wheaton dishes are employed.

tech14.jpg (91 kB)
Placing the Euparal onto a clean slide.

tech15.jpg (96 kB)
Combining cover slip onto the Euparal on the side

tech16.jpg (32 kB)
A view of the drawing tube on the microscope.

tech17.jpg (50 kB)
Meiotic chromosomes in pairs.

tech18.jpg (84 kB)
Mitotic chromosomes in pairs.